Spice and Sauce:

  • salts
  • sugars
  • raw baking materials
  • mustard, sauce, gravy
  • spices

Bakery by product:

  • dough
  • bread
  • bakery products
  • expired bakery products
  • expired bread
  • boxed waste
  • spoiled bakery products
  • bagels
  • cakes
  • cookies
  • candy

Pet Food:

  • cat food
  • dog food


  • ice cream
  • candies
  • cookies
  • dried fruit
  • pastes
  • chocolates
  • pretzels chewy snacks
  • breakfast bars
  • donuts



Other Items:

  • canned goods
  • sauces
  • cereal
  • vitamins
  • bulk collection
  • crackers, pretzels chewy snacks, breakfast bars, energy bars
  • dry goods
  • commercial
  • supplies destroyed by storm or flooding
  • pizza dough


  • animal feed
  • chicken feed
  • pig feed
  • food waste for chicken feed
  • cookie meal for chickens
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  • Customers First

    We're honored to serve our customers since 1978 and proud that more than 90% are still with us. Here are a few examples of how we deliver on our promise of superior customer service:

    • Snack Producer Saves $65,000+An environmental consultant contacted us on behalf of a major New Jersey snack producer. The company switched from traditional waste management to Wilenta Feed, reduced trash pick-ups to bi-monthly service, and saved more than $65,000 in disposal fees alone in the first year.
    • Blizzard Hits Bakery FactoryWhen the snow storm was over, our client’s bakery plant was covered in glass from windows shattered by gale force winds. The plant manager called Wilenta for a referral for emergency clean up services. Instead we dispatched a crew of Wilenta employees who cleaned up all the debris and worked with staff to get the plant back online within a few hours.